Climate March Karachi 2023: Uniting for a Sustainable Future

Karachi, the bustling metropolis of Pakistan, witnessed a vibrant public meeting on Sunday 4th June 2023, a day before World Environment Day, evening as diverse groups came together to discuss and organize the much-anticipated Climate March scheduled for mid-July. With rising concerns over climate change policies and their impact on the region, the event aimed to mobilize grassroots movements, particularly those working for marginalized communities, to raise their voices and demand urgent action.

2nd Climate March Karachi 2023 General Meeting held on 4th June 2023.

The meeting, held at a Academus International School in the heart of Karachi, was attended by a multitude of individuals passionate about environmental issues. The gathering climate activists, animal Rights activist, urban planners, and representatives from various non-profit organizations, all united by their commitment to a sustainable future for their beloved city.
One of the key topics discussed during the meeting was the dire situation faced by farmers in interior Sindh due to changing weather patterns and increasing water scarcity. Participants expressed their deep concern for these vulnerable communities, emphasizing the urgent need for climate-resilient policies that prioritize the needs of those who depend on agriculture for their livelihoods.
The urban planning challenges in Karachi also took center stage, with attendees highlighting the adverse effects of rapid urbanization, including increased pollution, inadequate waste management systems, and limited green spaces. Recognizing the importance of sustainable urban development, participants stressed the need for comprehensive strategies to address these pressing issues.
As the discussion progressed, it became evident that the forthcoming Climate March would be a platform for local communities to voice their experiences and concerns. Inclusivity was a fundamental aspect of the event’s planning, with organizers actively reaching out to grassroots movements and marginalized communities to ensure their participation. By amplifying their voices, the march sought to foster dialogue, promote understanding, and encourage collaborative efforts towards a more equitable and resilient society.
Why climate March is important
Aysha Rashid: “Karachi’s rapid urbanization has come at a cost. We need to prioritize sustainable development, invest in green infrastructure, and create spaces that enhance the quality of life for all residents, regardless of their socio-economic background.”

1st General Meeting on Climate March Karachi 2023 held on 26th March 2023. Many civil society organizations and environmentalist activists participated.

Yasir Hussein: “Energy poverty is a significant challenge that affects marginalized communities. We need to address this issue by promoting renewable energy solutions and providing equitable access to clean and affordable energy. By tackling energy poverty, we can uplift communities and create a more sustainable and just society for all.”
Azra Sayeed from International Women’s Alliance, Pakistan, explains, a farmer from interior Sindh, expressed, “there crops are failing, and water resources are dwindling. We need the government to take immediate action to mitigate the impacts of climate change on our agriculture. Even there livelihoods depend on it.”
Professor Nausheen Anwar, an urban planner, stated, “Keeping the heat element on the agenda is crucial in our fight against climate change. Rising temperatures pose a threat to our ecosystems, agriculture, and human health. We must prioritize sustainable solutions that mitigate the heat impact while ensuring a resilient and equitable future.”
Social Activist Imran Noshad also said “Climate marches are a necessary strategy to keep the discourse on climate change and climate justice moving forward. We cannot simply rely on what we hear from the government. We need to mobilize the grassroots and highlight their needs and voices.”
With the public meeting setting the stage for the upcoming Climate March, anticipation is building in Karachi. The event aims to galvanize the city’s residents, from all walks of life, to collectively demand immediate action on climate change and advocate for sustainable policies that protect both people and the environment.
As mid-July approaches, the Climate March is expected to draw thousands of passionate individuals, standing shoulder to shoulder, demanding a better future for themselves and future generations. By coming together, Karachi’s local communities are poised to create a powerful force for change, inspiring hope and fostering a sense of collective responsibility to combat climate change and create a sustainable and resilient future for all.
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