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Consumer food waste: Ignorance or lack of awareness?

The supply chain creates waste and every stage, and consumers contribute the most in developed countries. In the Netherlands consumers make up 33% of food waste; In the United States,  40-50 per cent of food is thrown away. This is around 76…
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Op-ed: The Problem With Our Restaurants

A mediocre meal with disposable cutlery at a casual Mexican eatery in Karachi made me realise how immensely unsustainable the Pakistani food & beverage industry is, so I decided to dig into the reasons why restaurants operate the way they…
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The Environmental Impact Of Food Deliveries

We all love food, and we all love convenience. The rise of food delivery apps such as Foodpanda, Deliveroo, UberEats, Eat Mubarak and more have made it beyond easy for us to eat whatever we want, whenever we want. With a rise in disposable…