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At TheEnvironmental, we don’t just report the news; we believe in shaping the future of journalism itself. Through our momentous association with DW Akademie, backed by the German foreign office, we are unlocking doors to a treasure trove of skills and expertise tailor-made for the environmental journalists of tomorrow.

Deep Collaboration, Deeper Commitment

Our collaboration with DW Akademie isn’t just on paper. It’s a fusion of vision, expertise, and commitment. We’ve intertwined our resources, knowledge, and aspirations to cultivate a training experience that stands second to none. From the intricate nuances of event logistics to the soul of its content, TheEnvironmental stands at the forefront, ensuring every aspect resonates with our ethos of impactful journalism.

Exclusive Field Trips & Connectivity

Karachi’s environmental landscape is both challenging and enriching. Our exclusive field trips are designed not just to showcase this, but to immerse participants in the very fabric of its stories. And it doesn’t stop there. Through our vast network, we connect journalists with sources that can amplify their narrative, ensuring their voice is not just heard, but resonates.

Training Content That Matters

What truly sets our training apart is the content we’ve curated. We venture beyond the conventional:

  • Research & Sourcing:  Unearth environmental stories waiting to be told.
  • Storytelling: Techniques to captivate your audience.
  • Constructive Journalism: Construct narratives that inspire change.
  • Safety & Security: With the complexities of modern journalism, understanding how to keep oneself safe is paramount.

Profile of trainers from DW

Atif Tauqeer is a renowned journalist and also known globally as a poet! We’re not sure which profession he’s better at! At the age of 13, that he began his journalistic career on Radio Pakistan’s children’s program. In 2006, he became executive producer at and after that In 2008 he moved to Bonn, Germany, where he’s a lead contributor to DW Urdu. Being trained by him would be a dream come true for budding journalists!

Atif Baloch is an incredible journalist working with DW Urdu since 2007! He has an MA Philosophy from Government College Lahore and has been associated with various Pakistani and International journalism organizations. His experience as a journalist and trainer is next to none.

Mr. Ahmad Shabbar: A Pillar of Environmental Journalism

Our founder, Mr. Ahmad Shabbar, is not just a name but a legacy in environmental journalism. Representing TheEnvironmental at the esteemed Global Media Forum 2023 in Bonn, Germany, he has always been a beacon of knowledge and expertise. Further broadening his impact, he stood as a representative for the Pakistan Mahuliati Tahafuz Movement at the monumental New Global Finance Pact Summit, Paris, 2023. His commitment to the cause, his insights, and his global perspectives are invaluable assets to our training series.

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