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One Time Cleanup Drives or Sustained Long Term Efforts?

Since the inception of GarbageCAN, Sustainable Waste Management, we have been asked whether clean up drives or a long term effort is better. After three years in the business I have come to the conclusion that while both have their pros (there really are no cons one way or another), long term effort is certainly […]


Mukalama – A Dialogue on Eco-Islam

‘Do not cut a tree that provides shade in a desert’. ‘Cleanliness is half of faith’. ‘Even if a dog dies thirsty at the banks of Euphrates it is my responsibility’. All of the above are quotes found in Islamic history. These quotes were uttered for the benefit of society, and the environment as a […]

Why we need to think differently about packaging

  Peter Oswald — CEO of Mondi Group, an international packaging and paper group — has worked in the packaging industry for 25 years. For decades, this was a sector that didn’t inspire much conversation among the general public. But that’s changed. These days, environmentally conscious consumers are extremely aware of the packaging their products […]

People urged to refuse plastic bags

KARACHI: Garbage seemed to be on everyone’s mind at the Sixth Sense Forum panel discussion on ‘Garbage! What is the role of education, universities and social responsibility?’ at the Aga Khan University (AKU) here on Thursday. Dr Moiz Khan, assistant professor at the Department of General History at the University of Karachi, said that he […]

Bring Your Own Broom Clean Up Drive University of Karachi

GarbageCAN is working with the University of Karachi to keep the campus clean via a sustainable waste management program. With the University of Karachi’s cooperation, GarbageCAN will develop a system that will turn the University into a model campus. To kick of the partnership, both the entities have come together to hold a ‘Bring Your […]